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 Share Best Practices


During this annual event organized by the department of economic development, wining companies of the Dubai Quality Award, Dubai Human Development Award, Dubai Service Excellence Scheme, share their best practices in quality management and service excellence.


Quality, human development and service excellence awards serve as an authentic benchmark against which companies measure their own performance. It is due to the continuous and dedicated efforts of the assessors that the standards of quality and excellence remain uniformly high year on year. Their efforts also enable companies to raise the bar of quality and excellence in performance every year.


The awards have been instrumental in helping organizations adapt the latest in quality tools and techniques and apply them across their organizations. The winners are here today to share with us the ingredients of the recipe to their success.


To become a truly effective business community that can offer services on par with the developed world, we must adhere to consistent quality standards in whatever we do. This can be best done when we learn to work together and share our expertise with each other.


This annual conference has become a popular event where we gather to congratulate the winners of the awards. They in turn motivate the rest of us to achieve higher standards and set international benchmarks. Through the conference, we aim at providing a benchmark for businesses in Dubai to further improve their standards, and thus boost internal and external trade.


Sharing the expertise will clearly pave the way for organisations to grow and develop faster and along more integrated lines. The essence of identifying and sharing best practices is to learn from others and to use the knowledge for the collective good.


Effective sharing of best practices can help organisations to identify and replace poor practices, raise the performance of poor performers, avoid reinventing the wheel, minimize re-work caused by use of poor methodology, save costs through better productivity and efficiency, and improve the services offered to clients and customers.​


For more detailed information, please check ​Share Best Practices annual booklets​ or contact us at​:


The Department of Economic Development

Business Excellence Center

P.O. Box: 13223, Dubai UAE.

Phone: 0097144455833


Share Best Practices