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 Award Criteria

​​​​​Award Criteria Image

The EFQM Excellence Model represented in the diagram above is a non-prescriptive framework based on nine criteria. Five of these are 'Enablers' and four are 'Results'. The 'Enabler' criteria covers what an organisation does and how it does it. The 'Results' criteria covers what an organisation achieves. 'Results' are caused by 'Enablers' and 'Enablers' are improved using feedback from 'Results.'

The arrows emphasise the dynamic nature of Model, showing learning, creativity and innovation helping to improve the Enablers that in turn lead to improved Results.

Each of the nine criteria has a definition, which explains the high level meaning of that criterion.

To develop the high level meaning further, each criterion is supported by a number of criterion parts. Criterion parts are statements that describe in further examples of what, typically, can be seen in excellent organizations and should be considered in the course of an assessment.

Finally, below each criterion part are guidance points. Many of these guidance points are directly linked to the Fundamental Concepts mentioned earlier. Use of these guidance points is not mandatory. They are intended to give examples to aid interpretation of the criterion part.


 Award Criteria Image


The RADAR Assessment and Management tool is the evaluation method used to score organisations applying for the EFQM Excellence Award and most national Excellence awards in Europe as well as the Dubai Quality Award in UAE. It can also be used by organisations carrying out Self-Assessment and wishing to use a score for benchmarking or other purposes.

The underlying principle for scoring using the RADAR is that when an organisation's performance improves over time, their score against the Model will increase. 50% of the points available are allocated to the Enablers and 50% are allocated to the results. This is to ensure the organisation has the capability to sustain this performance into the future.

When an organisation is scored using the RADAR matrix, weights are given to each of the nine criteria to calculate the number of points awarded. These weights were established in 1991 as the result of a wide consultation exercise across Europe. They have been periodically reviewed by EFQM and the diagram above illustrates the current weightings.


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