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 Terms & Conditions

​​​​​​Completing this application form does not bind the applicant to make a submission, however, a serious attempt at preparing the final entry document is expected.

  • A final entry document should be submitted before the date specified by the Award Office (usually September 30th).
  • This document must reflect your organisation as it currently stands against the DHDA model criteria and not how it will be in the future. Submission fee for this document will be AED 1000 for DHDAA, AED 2000 for DHDA and AED 3000 for DHDA Gold, plus an additional AED 10 for administration fee levied by the Government.
  • It is recommended to demonstrate your commitment by announcing your decision to apply for the award to key members of staff and to nominate a senior person in your organisation to act as a project manager to facilitate the co-ordination and the information compilation process.
  • Start as early as possible. Do not underestimate the time it takes to produce a good submission document.
  • Keep the Award Office informed of your progress to date.
  • Upon receipt of this registration form by the DHDA office, you will be entitled for further updates about the Award together with any other booklets, seminars, events and workshops organised by the Dubai Human Development Award Secretariat at the Business Excellence Department.
  • All winning organizations will be required to sponsor and participate in the Share Best Practice Conference and Exhibition organised by the Award office, sharing their best practices with the business community at large.
  • All Assessors sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement before they are allowed to receive a copy of your submission. They will then assess your organisation based on the DHDA Criteria, their results are also verified by the award office and the jury. The Jury's decision will be final and cannot be contested.
  • Assessors may not accept presents, job offers, work of any nature (including consultancies) from their assessed companies, for a period of not less than 12 months from the date of the site visits.
  • Gifts or bribes of any kind will not be accepted by either assessors/award office.
  • The Award Office reserves the right to disqualify assessors or applicants engaged in fraudulent activities both before and after the Award cycle.


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